Tire/Wheel Development

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Nobody ever over-estimates the effects of tires on a vehicle

Selecting the proper tire and wheel combination for a vehicle is the cornerstone for success. OE production tires are the result of a development process requiring multiple iterations to reach a solution optimized for performance, wear, rolling resistance, weight, cost and other specifications.  Wheel specifications including width, mass and stiffnesses must be matched to optimize the performance of each tire. Cayman engineers have led the development of over 100 OE tires with all major tire manufacturers and are uniquely qualified to handle your tire needs. 

We perform all supplier interface, program management, development and testing required for a successful tire program:

  • Coordinate and perform complete subjective assessment of submission tires on dry, wet and snow/ice surfaces 
  • Coordinate and perform objective testing of ride, steering, handling and braking performance on required surfaces
  • Coordination of Flat-Trac, rolling resistance or other laboratory testing
  • Interface with your vehicle management or chassis engineering personnel on tire development status 


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