CAE Modeling

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Cayman engineers use and offer CAE tools to optimize vehicle dynamics performance, reduce physical testing and shorten the development cycle. Primary CAE tools include software ranging from MS-Excel spreadsheets to MathWorks Matlab and Visual Basic / C++ parametric models to state of the art Multi-Body Dynamic Simulation tools.  Dependent upon your needs, customized models can also be developed. We select the best tools for your application and utilize them throughout the development process.

Spreadsheet Tools
A group of custom developed spreadsheet tools utilizing vehicle, system and component properties, linear modeling assumptions and equations of motion to predict

  • Limit handling acceptability
  • Roll characteristics
  • Vehicle balance
  • Ride tuning capability
  • Propensity for wheel/tire damage
  • Others

Parametric Tools
Custom-written or commercially available tools using system-level properties to model full-vehicle dynamic performance.  Most useful for

  • Transient handling analysis
  • Non-linear system properties
  • Time series analysis
  • Control system integration
  • Others

Multi Body Dynamic Simulation Tools
The most detailed and accurate modeling tools available to predict vehicle dynamics performance. Expertise in using commercially available simulation tools including ADAMS, VL/Motion and MotionView for

  • DoE runs to determine ranges for ordering tuning parts, assess the effects of build/component variability or generate response surface tools to aid in development
  • Individual runs to assess the effects of changes to a tunable component
  • Evaluate error state performance of a vehicle to improve customer satisfaction
  • Provide input or be used in conjunction with other models such as ESC strategy development simulations
  • Others


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