Ride Comfort

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Objective testing of ride comfort requires very well defined road surfaces and test parameters. Customer and/or vehicle specific test conditions are defined jointly based on available public road or proving ground facilities.  Sensor sets typically include multiple accelerometers at different locations around the vehicle resulting in both frequency and time domain measurements. Laboratory testing on a 4-poster rig is used to address specific issues or reduce on-road development time.

Sensor Set (typical)
 Seat Track Vertical Acceleration
 Seat Track Lateral Acceleration
 Seat Track Longitudinal Acceleration
 Steering Column Vertical Acceleration
 Estimate of Vehicle Pitch Acceleration
 Estimate of Vehicle Roll Acceleration
Output Data (sample, not all-inclusive)
 Acceleration Spectra (weighted or un-weighted)
 Band-limited weighted or un-weighted RMS values
 Acceleration time histories averaged over repeatable events


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