Proving Grounds Design and Construction Consulting

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Road geometry, surface type, layout and safety considerations are all vital to achieve maximum function for large capital investments in proving grounds. Cayman Dynamics engineers have worked closely with architects, contractors and users to specify the content and layout of multiple proving grounds new construction and expansion projects.  Examples include:

  • Three world-class Vehicle Dynamics Areas ranging in size from 20 to 45 acres (81,000mto 182,000m2)
  • Wet handling facilities providing constant water depth, hydroplaning and variable mu surfaces
  • Multiple ride comfort roads duplicated from public road surfaces providing a range of different frequency and amplitude inputs
  • Handling and steering circuits used to assess a vehcle's limit performance or customer attributes
  • Straightaways safe for multiple users conducting a variety of test maneuvers
  • Garage facilities equipped to allow development teams to perform at peak efficiency

Cayman experts assist you in designing new facilities or make recommendations on upgrades to existing facilities or surfaces.