Media Program Development

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Creating a successful media or customer program to introduce and showcase a new vehicle, system or component is crucial to its success. Cayman experts have participated in multiple large- and small-scale media events and will work closely with your public affairs team in the following areas:

  • Evaluation location and route selection that highlights the strengths of your product. Road types, elevation changes, scenery and climate are all factors that influence the perception of your product during on-road evaluations.
  • Detailed preparation is required to ensure the product reflect design-intent performance in all attributes.  Cayman will perform expert evaluations and work closely with your garage services supplier to ensure each one of your products is fully representative for all customer attributes.  
  • Media or customer interface.  Depending on the type of program and the availability of your internal personnel, Cayman experts will provide the customer or media interface to showcase your product to the target audience.