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Cayman defines Ride as a vehicle's tactile and audible responses to road surface-induced disturbances. A small subset of the things our experts evaluate for ride comfort include:
  • How does the suspension control and isolate the body of the vehicle while driving over a smooth road surface?
  • How does it control the body when the road has more roughness? 
  • How do the front and rear suspensions work together to control undue pitching of the vehicle?
  • How does the connection between the left and right suspension affect passenger comfort over undulating surfaces? 
  • When a bump is hit, do the occupants feel or hear responses long after the event has passed? 
  • While driving the vehicle on what seems to be a smooth road, do the occupants perceive that the vehicle is gliding over the surface or do they feel the graininess of the road surface?

The Ride of a vehicle is an important part of its character and must be developed simultaneously with its other vehicle dynamics attributes.  Cayman experts will ensure the Ride attribute of your vehicle fully meets its desired targets and compliments both its steering and handling attributes.








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