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Steering is defined as the series of responses that occur when the driver turns the steering wheel.  Cayman development and testing typically is divided into four broad categories:

  • Low speed which includes parking, maneuvering and returnability events
  • Normal driving speeds with small steering wheel inputs to simulate corrections a driver makes to maintain his direction of travel
  • Normal driving speeds with larger steering wheel inputs to simulate changing lanes or passing another vehicle  
  • Curved road events to simulate driving on curved roads at close to the posted speed limits

Each category has its own set of subjective evaluation terms and objective metrics used to define the steering wheel angle, steering wheel torque and vehicle responses that occur during each event. The timing, mangitude and driver's perception of each of these metrics are the key building blocks to developing outstanding steering vehicles.  Cayman experts will ensure the Steering performance of your vehicle fully meets its targets and seamlessly integrates with its Ride and Handling attributes.




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