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Cayman divides Handling in two distinct categories with the following definitions:

  • Customer Handling includes aggressive on-road driving customers may perform on their favorite roads or closed-course limit handling events on race circuits, autocrosses or similar dedicated facilities.
  • Emergency Handling includes limit or near-limit handling events dictated by the driver's response in an emergency situation.  Examples include an evasive or transitional maneuver to avoid an object in their path or aggressive braking during cornering if they have misjudged their speed.

The vehicle's handling performance in the above categories requires evaluation on all types of surfaces: dry, wet and low friciton snow/ice surfaces. A small sample of the subjective and objective criteria used to evaluate the vehicle includes:

  • Understeer levels and progressivity to limits of adhesion
  • Handling consistency and character throughout the maneuver
  • Behavior during cornering while braking and accelerating
  • Roll control through all steady-state and transtional handling events
  • Stability and capacity through all steady-state and transitional handling events

Cayman experts will ensure your vehicle meets its targets for Customer Handling while seamlessly integrating the Ride and Steering attributes. Emergency Handling will be fully assessed and results compared to your internal and government standards.



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