Vehicle Dynamics Training

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Cayman Dynamics trains your personnel in all aspects of the vehicle dynamics development process.  Our courses combine classroom sessions with in-vehicle training.  All of our training is custom tailored to your development staff's level of expertise and your desired level of instruction. 

Some examples of our course offerings include:

  • Evaluator training to give your development teams the ability to consistently and accurately perform basic vehicle evaluations in a safe manner.
  • Development skills instruction and techniques to show how the vehicle systems and components affect dynamic responses.
  • Objective testing methods and techniques to characterize vehicle dynamics performance
  • Advanced courses that include real world development exercises incorporating laboratory testing (kinematics and compliance machine, shock dynamometer, 4/7 post shaker rigs, etc.) into the process.
A sample of our systems engineering-based training curriculum can be viewed by choosing the menu item on the left.  Please contact us directly to custom tailor a program to fit your specific needs.


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