Applying expertise in customer behavior and vehicle response to the latest vehicle systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the road to autonomous vehicles present unique challenges to development teams. Just as a human driver can be judged based on how appropriate and how smooth their inputs are in a given situation, these advanced systems can be judged in a similar fashion. Additionally, the need for smooth, predictable dynamic response from the vehicle has never been more important.

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ADAS Development

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) comprise a large number of different technologies intended to help drivers operate their vehicles more safely.  Examples include lane keeping assist, panic braking assist, active cruise control, blind spot detection or trailer back-up assist. 

Cayman Dynamics experts are uniquely qualified to understand typical customer driving behavior and expected ADAS response. We can work with your team providing subjective assessments and data collection for current systems or assist in the development of future systems through data collection for neural network training or other types of required on-road objective testing.

Autonomous Vehicle Development

The development of autonomous vehicle platforms presents many of the same vehicle dynamics challenges as human-operated vehicles.  Cayman experts will focus on ensuring your autonomous platform delivers exceptionally smooth ride comfort free of any unwanted disturbances while ensuring the vehicle control systems are able to smoothly accelerate, brake and control the vehicle through typical cornering events. In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, the capability of the wheel/tire, suspension, steering and braking systems to respond to the demands of the control system are critical to occupant safety.  Cayman experts can assist your team is specifying, developing and testing the capabilities of your autonomous platform.

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