Custom-tailored courses combining classroom and in-vehicle training

Cayman Dynamics can train your personnel in all aspects of the vehicle dynamics development process.  Our courses combine classroom sessions with in-vehicle training.  All of our training is custom tailored to your staff’s level of expertise and your desired level of instruction. 

Courses have been successfully implemented for a variety of backgrounds, skill levels and organization types:

vehicle dynamics fundamentals

Introduce your team to the fundamental vehicle dynamics concepts and terminology necessary to understand the basic ride comfort, steering, handling and braking performance of a vehicle. Provides an ideal foundation for engineers aspiring to work in traditional vehicle dynamics positions as well as those working in ADAS, AV, Chassis Design, NVH or other related disciplines that rely on and need a basic understanding of vehicle dynamics principles.

Evaluator Training

Give your development teams the ability to consistently and accurately perform basic vehicle evaluations in a safe manner

Development Skills

Instruction and techniques to show how the vehicle systems and components affect dynamic responses

Objective Testing

Methods and techniques to characterize vehicle dynamics performance

Advanced Courses

Custom developed courses that include real world development exercises incorporating on-road and laboratory testing into the process.

A sample of our systems engineering-based training curriculum is shown below. Please contact us directly to custom tailor a program to fit your specific needs.